So you want to get In The Movies...

I've met many people that dream of making it big in Hollywood.  I was one of those people too!  But like anything in life, unless you are Paris Hilton, you've got to work at your success.  Here are some helpful tips for anyone new to the entertainment industry:

1. Don't assume that just because you think you look like a movie star and believe that you have the talent to match that everyone else thinks that way too.  Do you want to be "that guy/girl" on an episode of American Idol? You know who I'm talking about.

2. Learn.  Yes, act.  Did you take theater/drama class in high school? Do you have any experience performing in community plays or musical theater? Have you ever taken an acting class? If your answer is "no" then I highly suggest that you start learning ASAP.

3. Once you've honed your acting skills and you are ready to dive into your new role as "struggling actor", you'll need to know the following: first, get yourself an agent.  No casting director in Hollywood will take you seriously without representation.  Your headshot and resume will end up in the circular filing bin called the trash.

4. Also, you'll want to join SAG-AFTRA (  Easy to say but hard to do.  Please read through their requirements for guild membership.